Release from the office of DC, South

Publish Date : 06/09/2021

Namchi, 2nd September: DC (South) Mr. M. Bharani Kumar along with SDM Yangang, BDO Yangang, DPO (Disaster Management), AE Roads & Bridges along with other field staffs inspected damages insinuated by torrential rainfall on the night of 1st and 2nd of Spetember under Yangang Block.
At the outset the DC visited Manglee Ward. There house belonging Shri. Hari Psd Pokhrel along with Kitchen was severely damaged. The family was evacuated and shifted to nearby Mandir. It was decided that ex gratia relief would be disbursed immediately to the family. The team then visited Sirisey where formation of road had been completely washed out. The slide was a massive one, therefore additional JCB from NHIDCL was sought in addition to JCB of Roads and Bridges Department to clear the drain. Further, two houses at Upper Yangang were found to be severely damaged. The families have been shifted to safer location. Furthermore, the team visited Khadi Turning, Rangang where electric pole was on the verge of collapse, few houses were found to be endangered, Dhapper, Bhaleydunga Rope Way Project and Tselemthang Support Facility under Tourism Department. The Roads & Bridges Department have deployed 6 JCB in all the damage location to restore traffic movement.
The DC instructed the concerned Officers of Irrigation Department, Tourism Department and Road’s & Bridges Department to assess the damage and submit report on possibility and feasibility of drainage construction along the above areas.
The DC also instructed the SDM Yangang to release exgratia relief immediately.
(Release from the office of DC, South)

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