I-Day Celebration at Namchi

Publish Date : 16/08/2021
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Namchi, 15th August (IPR): The 75th Independence Day was celebrated in a very small scale as per the protocol of COVID-19 laid by the Sikkim State Government at the premises of District Administrative Office, Namchi, today. The Chief Guest for the occassion was Hon’ble Minister for Information and Public Relations Department Mr. L.N. Sharma, he was accompained by Additional Political Secretary Ms. Anjeeta Rajalim, D.C. (South) Mr. M. Bharani Kumar, S.S.P (South) Mr. Thakur Thapa, alongwith chaipersons, Advisors and officials from various line departments of the District.
At the onset of the program, Chief Guest was accorded the Guard of Honour followed by unfurling of the tricolour. Afterwhich,the Independence Day message of the Hon’ble Governor and Hon’ble Chief Minister was read out by D.C. Mr. M. Bharani Kumar and SDM (HQ) Mr. Chiran Rizal, respectively.
Addressing the gathering Honb’le Minister Mr. L. N. Sharma extended his warm wishes on the 75th Independence Day. He highlighted the importance of Independence Day of our country and spoke in-depth about it’s historical background and how our freedom fighters sacrificed their life for the country and its citizens so that they can lead a respected life which consist of Liberty, Equality and Justice. Drawing, examples of great and prominent national leaders as well as of responsible citizens who have sacrificed for our country Mr. L. N
Sharma emphasized that the public should immensely value their freedom and work diligently towards developing our vast nation which is also the largest democracy in the world. He also attributed the sacrifices made by Mahatma Gandhi and other freedom fighters due to which the citizens are living in a free country and added that one and all must protect this freedom.
He also added that the State Government has in a short span of time transformed Sikkim into one of the model states in various sectors ranging from Education, Health, Agriculture, Horticulture and many more. The State Government is committed to making Sikkim self-sustainable and self-reliant especially in Agriculture and Horticulture, he also informed that the State Government has facilitated various pro-people schemes aimed for the betterment of the farmers and the public of the state. He also spoke about ‘Gwala Day’ which acknowledges Sikkim’s Dairy Farmers thereby making dairy as one of the dominant and extremely profitable business. He also highlighted the historic financial incentives of Rs 8/ Litre of milk in Dairy Farming which has led the dairy farmers to earn substantialy.
Minister Mr. L.N. Sharma also spoke about the
financial incentives given for certain crops and emphasized that the State Government has implemented Mukhya Mantri Krishi Atmanirbhar Yojana in crops such as:
Cardamom – Rs 100/KG,
Ginger – Rs 20/KG
Turmeric – Rs 10/KG
Buckwheat – Rs 10/KG
Orange – Rs 20/KG.
Cherry Pepper – Rs 20/KG
Green Pea – Rs 08/KG
Cauliflower – Rs 7/KG
Radish – Rs 07/KG
Carrot – Rs 07/KG
Cabbage – Rs 05/KG
Kiwi Fruit – Rs. 25/KG
Pulse – Rs 25/ KG.
He also highlighted how the State Government has worked for the benefit of its people especially in Health Sector, they have provided super specialists, doctors and other medical assistant. They have also upgraded various health structures in the state and assured that the State Government will continue to provide superior health care services.
Moreover, he articulated that Sikkimese people need to be self reliant in their own field and said that State Government has and will always extend support for its people they will shape measures extending support to self-supporting Sikkimese public.
To, commend the hard work put in by the frontline warriors during this ongoing time of pandemic the South District Independence Day organizing committee felicitated various teams and individuals. They also extended the token of appreciation for excellence in service to Turuk Health and Wellness Centre for commendable job with respect to COVID-19 vaccination by achieving 98% coverage.
Similarly, Phongla Health and Wellness Centre as well as Kitam Health and Wellness Centre also received the honour for achieving COVID-19 vaccination coverage of 99.3% and 99.8%. The district administration also awarded District Hospital Namchi under Aatmanirbhar Bharat.
In, additional COVID-19 Service Award was also handed over to employees from various departments and they are as follows:
1) Titus Rai, L.D.C, Election Department
2) Dr. Deep Prakash Chettri, Dental Surgeon, Health Department
3) Pema Choden Sherpa, Nursing, Health Department
4) Dil Bahadur Gurung, Driver, Health Department
5) Ramesh Rajak, Dhobi, Health Department
6) Prakash Rai, Head Constable, Namchi Police Station
7) Lhamu Sherpa, Home Guard, Ravangla Police Station
8) Pawan Kumar Chettri, Village Guard, Temi Police Station
9) Dhan Kumar Tamang, Safaikarmachari, Namchi Municipal Council
10) Padam Bahadur Chettri, Safaikarmachari, Namchi Municipal Council
11) Passang Tamang, Safaikarmachari, Namchi Municipal Council
12) Kharka Bahadur Tamang, Safaikarmachari, Namchi Municipal Council
13) Bijay Rai, Safaikarmachari, Namchi Municipal Council
14) Rishi Kumar Tamang, Safaikarmachari, Namchi Municipal Council
15) Binod Koirala, Safaikarmachari, Namchi Municipal Council
16) Gangan Mangar, Safaikarmachari, Namchi Municipal Council
17) Lt. Dal Bahadur Manger, Safaikarmachari, Namchi Municipal Council
18) Shaymel Tamang, Sanitation Inspector, Namchi Municipal Council
19) Kamal Chettri, Assistant Sanitation Inspector, Namchi Municipal Council
20) Dhan Bhir Mangar, Supervisor, Namchi Municipal Council
21) Bijay Rai, Safaikarmachari, Namchi Municipal Council
22) Kalpana Chettri, Supervisor, Urban Develpment Department ( Melli)
23) Ranjit Rawat, Supervisor, Urban Development Department ( Ravangla)
24) Dambar Kumar Pradhan, Safaikarmachari, Naya-Bazar Jorethang Nagar Panchayat
Moreover, meritorious service awards was also given to promising employees from various departments and they are namely:
1) Shanker Chettri, Office Attendent, Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department
2) Daniel Rai, Stenographer, Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department
3) Sukra Hang Subba, Office Attendent, Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department
4) Man Bahadur Tamang, GD Constable, Police Department
5) Urmila Gurung, Office Attendent, Urban Develpment Department
6) Anmol Rai, UDC, Social Justice and Welfare Develpment Department
7) Prakash Chettri, LDC, Education Department
8) Prithi Mothey, Office Attendent, State Institute of Capacity Building, Karfectar
9) Bhim Bahadur Chettri, Chokidar, Chisopani Godwon, Food and Civil Supplies Department
10) Raj Kumar Pradhan, Leading Fire Man, Namchi Police Station
11) Abidra Rai, SIRD
12) Dipen Chettri, SIRD
13) Tenzing Bhutia, Warder, Police Department, District Prison Namchi
14) Volunteers of Nehru Yuva Kendra

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