District Task Force Immunization Meeting held at DAC

Publish Date : 18/11/2021

Namchi, 17th November: A District Task Force Immunization Meeting was held at DAC. The meeting was attended by DC (South) Mr. M. Bharani Kumar, CMO (South) Dr. D. C. Sharma other officials, staff from health department and representatives from Dristi N.G.O.
Addressing the meeting DRCHO (South) Dr. Junita Yonzon summarized the status of COVID 19 vaccination in detail under south district and informed that a total of 121658 and 106973 have received COVID-19 vaccination specifically the first and the second dose respectively. Additionally, she said that vaccination of pregnant women is also going on and currently 40% pregnant women have been vaccinated. Apart from vaccination counseling of non vaccinated pregnant women is also being undertaken. The officials have also collected data of individuals in the age group of 12-18 years for next phase of covid vaccination.
Moreover, National Immunization Day for polio has been declared and will be observed on 23rd January 2022. Bivalent Oral Polio drop will be administered to Choden between 0- 5 years.
Speaking about District Quality Assurance Committtee Dr. Junita Yonzon gave an overview about District Quality Assurance Committtee. She updated that Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India is committed to support and facilitate the Quality Assurance Programme, which meets needs of Public Health System and is sustainable. Main focus of the Quality Assurance Programme is to enhance satisfaction level among users of the Government Health Facilities and reposing trust in the Public Health System.
The Organizational structure under the said programme is as National Level Central Quality Supervisory Committee ( CQSC) followed by the State Quality Assurance Committee (SQAC). Likewise, at district level, there is District Quality Assurance Committee (DQAC) that is responsible for undertaking various activities that is responsible for undertaking various activities. Dr. Junita further informed about DQAC programmes in South District and at District Hospital Namchi namely that of Kayakalp, Mera Aspatal. It was also informed that basine assessment of DQAC of District Hospital Namchi will be conducted within first week of December.
The meeting also saw brief discussion other various topics such as District Advisory Committee under PC-PNDT Act, New Born Week, Vasectomy Fortnight and of other topics concerning the health department.