COVID-19 Information Portal of Sikkim

Publish Date : 07/04/2020

www[dot]covid19sikkim[dot]org , a complete information portal for COVID-19 in Sikkim.


  1. Dashboard
  2. Vehicle e-Pass facility
  3. Essential service : vendors for all essential goods to register themselves for making list available to public
  4. News corner
  5. Orders/circulars
  6. Ask questions/ queries about corona
  7. Important contact numbers
  8. Ngo’s can Apply for Permission to operate relief work
  9. You can donate generously towards the Chief Minister disaster relief fund through the portal
  10. Quarantine information

Requesting all to share it as much as possible to make people aware about the portal. Also ask vendors around to fill up the essential goods form through the portal or through www[dot]sikkimlocalsupply[dot]com