Single Window System


The District Collectorate discharges many functions which have a direct bearing on the common man. It also

issues many certificates and documents which are needed by the general public for various purposes e.g.

certificates pertaining to their bonafide residence, caste, income, including  ration cards and  attestation of

affidavits, etc. For these important assignments, a number of people visit the District Collectorate daily and their

number is ever- increasing.

Many departments and establishments have introduced the concept of Single Window for such purposes where

all applications are entertained and the necessary documents are issued at a single point. Looking to the large

volume of work involved and also the need for  speedy disposal of such cases, the concept of Single Window has

been quite effective. 

For different types of works, different forms have been prescribed.  General guidance and information is also

provided at this counter for filling-up the forms and the documents to be enclosed. The forms also provide basic

information about the formalities to be completed and the documents to be included. After the application is

received, a preliminary inspection is made at the counter itself and deficiencies, if any, are pointed-out to the

applicant. A token is also issued to the applicant as a proof of submission of the application and which also

indicates the date and time for the collection of the relevant certificate/document.

Some of the certificates such as bonafide resident certificates are issued and also attestation of affidavits are

done on the same day. For other types of certificates, different time limits have been prescribed as per the

Citizen's Charter issued by the Revenue Department. All efforts are made to see that the certificates and

documents are readied and issued even before the time limits prescribed for them. In no case, time limits are

exceeded for issuance of these certificates.   

Single window system comprises four counters as  receiving counter, issuing counter, help counter and

miscellaneous counter. Following certificates are being received and issued -

1. Certificate of Indentification

2. Residential Certficate

3. Gorkha Certificate

4. SNT Supervision charges on Transportation of House Building Materials

5. Religion Certificate

6. Character Certificate

7. Non - Encumberance Certificate

8. Property Certificate

9. Search Certificate

10. Marriage Certificate