Phur-Tsa-chu (Hot Springs)

Actually, Phur-Tsa-Chu means hot springs in Sikkimese language. Located at a comfortable distance of 4 kms from Legship, Hot springs are famous between the residents of the region. The water of these springs are said to have medicinal values and can cure many skin problems.


Jorethang is an important town in West Sikkim district. It lies at a distance of 30 kms in the north of Darjeeling. Sited on a flattened land, Jorethang is also nestled between the huge mountains and hills in Sikkim.


Sikip is another destination that is getting renowned due to its serene atmosphere and great hide-out. Perched on the banks of Rangeet River, Sikip boasts of beautiful natural surroundings and makes a brilliant fishing spot and river campsite.


The tallest statue of Guru Padma Sambhava in the world with a height of 135 ft built above Namchi town. It is the place where ones wishes can be fulfilled. It is located below the Tendong hill facing Namchi. The view from Samdruptse hill is something to be cherished and enjoyed. The hilltop offers a view of Namchi town, Darjeeling, Kalingpong, Mt Kanchendzonga and eastern part of Nepal.

Char Dham at Solophok

It is situated at Solophok hill which is 5 km away from Namchi town. It is believed that a visit to the place is enough to wash away one's sins. The 108 feet statue of Lord Shiva is encircled and supported by a girdle of twelve Jyotirlingams Chardam, which is situated in India in four different places like East Jagannath, West as Dwarika, South as Rameshawaram, North as Badrinath Dham, where especially Hindus consider the main pilgrimage.

Temi Tea Garden

The one and only tea estate existing in the State produces one of the top quality teas for the international market. The tea garden spread out on a gentle hill slope originating from the Tendong Hill provides a magnificent view of the surrounding villages. The visit to the factory could be an eye opener for those wanting to know about tea processing methods.

A night spent in an old British bungalow or a Getaway facility located at the tea garden could be an enthralling experience of linking the past to the present. A visit to the garden, enroute to the Tendong Hill, could be a rewarding experience for those who want to combine nature and culture as they keep trekking. 

Tarey Bhir

Dangerous for those who have a fear of height (3500 ft) but exciting for others who adore natural relief and mountain. It's along ridge (length 10,000 ft) with a breath-taking view point at the edge from where one can behold Sikkim's beautiful river valleys and forests. One can see the panoramic confluence of the Teesta and Rangeet rivers from here.

Rayong Sunrise View-Point

Situated at 18km car drive from Namchi on way to Ravangla, one could enjoy breath-taking view of the sunrise throwing the first rays of the sun over the snowy peaks of Mt. Narsing, Mt. Jopuno, Mt. Kabur and Mt. Pandim.

Ngadak Monastry

Ngadak means promise in Bhutia language. Situated at 3 kms away from Namchi, this is the oldest monastery in Sikkim which was constructed during the reign of the Chogyal of Sikkim, Chakdor Namgyal, at around 1700 A.D.


Rock Garden

It is a beautiful garden situated on the base of the Samdruptse hill, around 3.5 kms from Namchi. A scenic view of Mt Khanchendzonga can be enjoyed along with the presence of beautiful flowers and orchids.


Indian Himalayan Centre for Adventure and Eco-Tourism, Chemchey

The mission of the centre is to initiate, develop and sustain the highest levels of excellence for adventure and eco-tourism through safe, environmentally responsible activities, to develop local skills and to sensitize on established traditions.