In this Contingency Plan for Disaster Management in district, basing on past experiences, prevention and mitigation strategy has been developed in Pre, during and Post Disaster days. Flash Flood, Landslide, Fire Accident is some major Natural Calamities, which are experienced in the district very often.





Convening District level Committee on Natural Calamity – in the month of May

- To suggest the list of Relief works to be undertaken, advice on the precautionary measures to be taken, stocking of food articles in strategic or key points.

District Emergency Control Room.

Identification of vulnerable points

- Repairing of breaches.
- Restoration of damaged Roads and Bridges
- Alerting people near Highly vulnerable pocket.

Collector - Sub-Collectors [Reporting & Monitoring]
RO, Engineering cell & concerned deptt.

Identification & Indent of essential commodities the inaccessible/scarcity pockets.

- Stocking of food grains in Sub-Division/G.P.Head quarter.

Food grain stocking and monitoring.-CSO & FIs.

Selection of shelters

Connecting Road Maps, Served Villages with capacity, suitable management.

GPDMC/VDMC, PRIs to manage the shelters through local management.

Requirement of medicine and life saving drugs, earmarking mobile teams, identifying probable epidemic area

Stocking of medicines

C.D.M.O. and Panchayats.

Checking operation of already installed VHF systems

To operate effectively

Technocrat of Police Signals


To take stock of overall situation






Receipt of Information

àFrom IMD/ SRC Control Room/Rev. Control Room by District Control Room. 
à From Control Room of other District
àAlso from News Bulletin of All India Radio & Local Cable
àFrom Internet Website

 District Emergency Control Room.

Dissemination of Information

à From DECR to All Sub-Collectors/RO /BOs/ All Line Departments/GPs

DCR [Emergency] , SDMs, All GPUs.

Immediate setting of Control Room round the clock & making it functional.

à All Line Departments, Sub Collectors, ROs, GPUs

DCR [Emergency] (SOP of DCR in Page-), Head of Line Departments, Sub Collectors, ROs, GPUs.

Rescue and evacuation

à To evacuate vulnerable people to identified shelters for the time being and logistic arrangements for the shelters

Police personnel, Armed Forces, NGOs & CBOs, District Fire officer, Disaster management Volunteers [group formation to be done & area of operation be specified, kept in readiness with rescue kits which are to be made available to them.
Coordination àAddl.Dist.Magistrate, SDMs, ROs & Line Deptt.

Arrangement of Free kitchen

à To provide immediate fooding to the evacuees.

SDMs/Disaster Management Committee/NGOs.

Sanitation and medicine


CDMO/Executive Engineers of PHED.

Requisition of sufficient numbers of vehicle, Light/Medium/Heavy.

à To be kept in readiness with proper POL 

Transport RTO, CSO, & Sub-Collectors

Immediate freezing of 75% stock of POL Bunkers in the district, 

POL is to be used during the time of Disaster followed by scarcity


Arrangement of Road Cleaners/Power saw etc

To clean the road, Cut the fallen trees and remove the garbage 

RTO, R&B, Executive Officer-ULB, Power saw placed by Civil Defense to be arranged with mechanical division – R&B, to be arranged. 





Alertness & Remain in ready ness to gear up in action immediately after the disaster is over 

Collecting information from all sources.

All Actors in Disaster Management 

Control Room to Functioning Day & Night

Receive and give information on latest development.

District Control Room, All Line Deptt. All Sub-Collectors, BOs, GPUs.


To stake of overall situation 

Collector at District level 
Sub-Collectors at Sub-Division level & Line Deptt.





Distribution of Relief / Emergent Relief as per the provision of SRC.

To provide immediate fooding to save affected people from starvation

ADM, SDM, BOs, Disaster Management Committee & Teams, Other non-Govt. agencies.

Assessment & enumeration of damage

To ascertain the exact loss for projection before Govt.

All line Departments/Revenue Officers/BOs
Coordination - Superintending Engineers, SDMs, Panchayats. 

Monitoring Relief Operation organized by outside agencies /UN Agencies/Red Cross/ NGOs / WHO/ other states etc through District Administration.  

To maintain uniformity of Relief administration.

Collector, Additional Collector, Sub-Divisional magistrate at Sub Divisional level, Line Deptt. NGOs, CBOs & Panchayats.

Restoration of Communication - Roads & Bridges.

For timely and prompt delivery/transportation of relief articles/deployment of rescue team

Executive Engineers of R&B, Rural Works, Military &Para Military Forces, Police personnel.

Restoration of Electronic communication system.

Ensure proper coordination linkage

Divisional Engineer VSNL/ Technocrat of Police Signals.

Immediate arrangement of free kitchen in the cutoff/shelter camps and inaccessible areas.

To avoid starvation and further deterioration both health and environment

Sub Collectors, BOs, GPDMC, VDMC & teams.

Ensuring transportation of Relief Materials to affected pockets.

To reach immediately after abatement of calamity with helping hands for development of confidence among affected people.

C.S.O./Sub Collectors/BOs/RTO

Ensuring safeguarding of belongings of the evacuees & maintenance of Law and Order.

To prevent anti-social activities 

Superintendent of Police, (South), Civil Defence Authority, NGOs, CBOs.

Ensuring safe availability of Drinking water.
Provision of Medical facilities and Minimum sanitation.

To check health hazards especially during calamity

CDMO/Executive Engineers of PHED.

Removal of debris and disposal of carcasses.

For environmental equilibrium

Police personnel, Disaster Management Committee, NGOs.

Helping the evacuees to return to their homes.

For settlement of the evacuees with their belongings after normalcy

Sub Collectors, Panchayats, Disaster Management Committee.

Meeting Officers of both District level and Field level in every 24 hours to take stock of the situation.

For better coordination and cordial carrying of every kind of relief operation and to ascertain the progress thereof.

Collector, ADM, Line Deptt.
Sub Collectors in Sub Divisional level

Collection of Information by a core group of DCR headed by District Collector and submission of daily situation report to Govt./SRC/  through District Collector Keeping liaison with field and state Govt. and interaction.   

Triangular linkage between Field, District and State Control Room and other State level Officials for taking further follow up actions on war footing.

Addl. Dist. Magistrate(s), DDO, Sub Collectors, Revenue Officers, BOs, NGOs, CBOs.

Documentation of the entire event – Black & white/Audio & Video.

To assess/apprise the situation to different Central/State level dignitaries of the event and official record.



To take stock of the day to day activities, sort-out bottlenecks for proper implementation of relief/restoration/rehabilitation programme

Collector, ADM, SDMs & Line Deptt.