National Informatics Centre - South District Unit



Brief Introduction:

National Informatics Centre, Department of Information Technology, Government of India is a premier organisation in the field of Information Technology (IT) in India.

National Informatics Centre, South District Unit was established in the year 1994 at the South District Headquarter at the picturesque town of Namchi. The office was initially at the Main Building, District Administration Center, Namchi. Presently, the office has been relocated to the First Floor, Annexure Building, District Administrative Center, with three office rooms.

We have a fully functional Video Conferencing Room with both DAMA over VSAT as well as over the SWAN connectivity. One room is fully dedicated to SWAN operations which is staffed with qualified Network Administrator and Network Operators. The SWAN connectivity to the whole district is monitored from this INOC room.

We have been providing dedicated services in the field of I.T. and computers to the District Administrative Center primarily and has been successful to a certain degree such that a fully computerized Single Window System has been implemented at D.A.C., South District, which will be running softwares like File Management System, C.O.I. management system, Land Records Software, Property Registration Software, Land Acquisition software, as well as softwares for all the various registrations prevailing at the D.A.C. Most of these softwares have been developed indigenously at N.I.C. Sikkim itself.

In addition to the District Administrative Center, we have also been providing our expertise to other Line Departments and Block Administrative Centers. We have been implementing the National e- Governance Projects (NEGP) like I.D.S.P. (Integrated Disease Surveillance Project) and MCTS (Mother Child Tracking Software) of Health dept, Plan Plus for BRGF works of RM&DD, N.A.D.R.S. (National Animal Disease Reporting Software) for AH&VS Dept., CONFONET of Consumer Forum, D.C.I.S. of District & Sessions Court, just to name a few.