Department of Economics & Statistics Monitoring & Evaluation, South District

Brief History:

Department  of Economics & Statistics   Monitoring & Evaluation(DESM&E)  was  a directorate as Bureau of

Economics & Statistics  (BES)  under Planning & Development  Department established in the year 1978-79 at

Tashiling Building Secretariat  Gangtok.

With the passage of time, the Bureau of Economics & Statistics was headed by Director, Joint Director and

accordingly the strength of other Officers & Staffs also increased.  Till 1992 office of the BES was only at HQ

Gangtok.  In 1992 first District Statistical Office (DSO) of BES was established in a private building at Namchi,

Kazitar. Later on DSO of the BES were also set up in North &West districts.  In 2005, the erstwhile BES from a

directorate became a full fledge department and named as DESM&E.  District Statistical Office (DSO) shifted

from private building Kazitar to New Annexure Building at DAC Namchi in December 2005.


Primary function of this Department is to collect Socio- Economic data on sample basis, which is called National

Sample Survey. The Survey period will be of one year and sometime six month. The survey period is called

round. The subject coverage in each round will be different and same will be repeated after five years or more.

We at district level collect the data as per the schedule of enquiry and scrutinized it and send to HQ Gangtok for

necessary action. The sample list will be allotted to us by the Central govt. We had completed the 65th round of

NSS and going to cover 66th round of NSS from July 2009 to June 2010. In this round we are going to collect

on sample basis socio economic information as per sample list on employment & unemployment and usual

consumer expenditure, usual in the sense that in each round we have to collect information on consumer

expenditure on sample basis.             

 Secondly, we from South District collect the retail prices of essential commodities weekly from Jorethang on

hatday.  Once in a month we will collect the prices of building materials from Jorethang. Also once in a month on

hatday we will collect the retail prices of essential commodities from Namchi, Rabongla and Melli. We will send

filled in schedules of price collection to HQ Gangtok for tabulation and finally to prepare Consumer Price Index.

Thirdly, we have been monitoring the project carried out by different department as directed to us from the

authority time to time.

Fourthly, we have been carrying out adhoc survey as desired by the govt. on different issues.

Fifthly, Permanent UID enrolment centre has been based in this office for South District. Since March 2013, our

office is doing Aadhaar enrolment at DESME South thereafter.

All the data collected in the district will be submittted to HQ, Gangtok, for tabulation, and preparation of reports.

On final reports on different surveys, one may contact DESME office, Gangtok.